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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are my Options For Dog Care?

Dogs are very social animals and do well with people and other dogs in their environment. So what about when holidays are coming and care needs to be arranged for them? There are options. A kennel/ boarding facility, having someone come into your home, or having pets go to a pet sitter's home. All three have good points about them.

When my husband and I were looking for arrangements for our pets while we went on a holiday, we decided on taking our pets to a pet sitter's home We found it worked very well for us. Our dogs were happy and content when we picked them up. I think they had a holiday as well.

What Should I Bring?

All that you need to bring to our home for your dog is a leash, collar with ID tags, and food for their stay. If you would like to bring a bed or blanket or special toy, or something else from home, please do. I think it is always a good idea for your buddy to have something here that smells like home and is familiar to them. We do have dog beds and lots of toys here as well. We have plenty of dog bowls that are sterilized after each meal but if you do prefer to bring their own, that is fine. We have lots of dog treats here, but if your dog is particularly sensitive to treats, please let me know.

What About Walks And Play?

We walk and play with your dog geared to his/her age, health and energy level. Each dog is an individual and has different requirements. When your buddy is outside in our fenced backyard, so are we. Your dog is always supervised. You don't have to worry and can enjoy your vacation knowing your buddy is well taken care of. We provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Where Do Dogs Sleep?

Your dog usually will sleep in our home where ever they're used to sleeping in yours. Some dogs like to sleep next to our bed, or living room, and others prefer to sleep somewhere else. Our dogs usually sleep in the living room, either in dog beds or on couches. We have throws on our couches for them. If your dog is used to sleeping in a dog kennel, you could bring that for her/him to sleep in. We try to keep our home as familiar to your pet as their own home.

What Information Need I bring?

We have an information form which you can print out from the web page, and bring with you, as same with the contract. You can always fill it out as well when you are dropping your dog off with us and on your way. It is important that I have information about your dog's diet, any medical information, contact information, and anything you would like us to know about your dog's personality and habits. (What he or she likes, dislikes, any fears, and also if they have separation anxiety. All this will be helpful to make your dog's stay the best that it can be. Please feel free to ask any questions that you have.